Top 11 Bathroom Accessory Sets to Make Your Bathroom Pop

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If you are looking to make your bathroom stand out, here are 11 of the best bath accessory sets out there:

1.Hackneyville 5 Piece Set

This bathroom set emphasizes minimalism to a deep level. This is sold by Ebern Designs and comes in a variety of colors. The different colors, Aqua, Ivory, Linen, Pewter, White is bound to make your bathroom stand out without making it an eyesore.

2.Bryd Resin 8 Piece Set

A gothic, medieval-looking 8-piece set to give your bathroom a dark, yet elegant look. Though slightly on the expensive side, you get what you pay for (it is made from resin). What makes it amazing is that it is mildew resistant and perfect for bathrooms.

3.Trucks 3-Piece Bathroom Set

If you are looking to add some color to your child’s bathroom, this is your best shot at it. Getting your kids to brush will be much easier once they see the truck, traffic lights, and pavement themed accessories.

4.Friedell Botanical Diary Bathroom Set

Who doesn’t love flowers? This aesthetic bathroom set will go well with plain white bathrooms, adding style without adding fancy designs and patterns. Sometimes, simple is good. Oh, and it’s crafted from ceramic by the way.

5.Loeffler Rustic Bathroom Set

When the name has rustic in it, you know you’re in for something good. This 8-piece set crafted out of resin comes with an antique look that will give your bathroom the elegance it deserves. No more looking down on bathrooms.

6.New Milford Bathroom Set

Black never fails. This 8-piece bathroom set by Three Posts is rust-resistant, mildew-resistant, and is even shatter-resistant The black matte helps hide any flaws and though the color might be dark, it does add color to the room.

7.3-Piece Bathroom Set by Delta

The simplicity in its name reflects the design of this set. Unlike most others on this list, it comes with only 3 pieces. It is made of glass with a chrome finish and includes all the main items you would need. If you have a space constraint, this is your best option to add style without occupying too much space.

8.Bate Bathroom Set

This 5-piece bathroom set will make a wonderful addition to your bathroom. All of the items in this set are made of glass and is transparent. If you have some cool looking soaps or liquids, this will help emphasize rather than hide it.

9.Aurik Bathroom Set

Brayden Studio’s Aurik bathroom set comes with 4 pieces of well-made plastic with a reflective black coating. Since black goes with anything, this set will go well with any decor. Want a hassle-free decision that is open to change? Go for this.

10.Ripple Bathroom Set

This ceramic 4-piece set comes with a wrinkled texture and a matte white finish. It combines elegance and artsy in the best way possible. If you want to spice up your bathroom decor, this DKNY bathroom set will do just the trick.

11.Shannon Bathroom Set

Astoria Grand’s Shannon 4-piece set is the definition of royalty. It comes in a beige-gold color scheme and is made from resin. Though this might look like it could set you back a lot, it is comparatively priced very competitively.

You can’t go wrong with any of these bath accessory sets but at the end of the day, this choice is a personal preference. Though we can vouch for these, if you find something else that catches your eye, go for it. And let us know too.

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