Bathroom Decoration – Mirror Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

Bathrooms come in all sizes and shapes, and that can lead to some fun – and also to a few frustrating dilemmas. If you are having issues coming up with the correct mirror, try reflecting on the following out of the ordinary décor ideas. They only might spark a useful ideal for your space.


What to do when there is no wall, much less space for mirrors? Consider suspending a mirror from a wired system. It is great for saving space and the look feels right at house in minimalist bathrooms. Suspend mirrors are a key solution utilized in small or oddly formed bathrooms where putting the vanity against a will is not an option. This is sometimes the reason for homes and condos inside old buildings that were transformed into living areas.

In front of a window

Mirrors are essential for any morning routine and mounting them in window cashing is a remarkable method to free up wall space. If your bathroom layout does not lend itself to expansion fitting in bigger showers or a freestanding tub and shower is not forever possible. But opening up the room to a bit more creative layout like mounting the mirrors on wall window frees up wall area to let for a potentially superior room configuration.

For instance, if your vanity space and shower are on a similar wall you could not expand the shower without shrinking. Though, moving this to a wall with windows might free up some space to incorporate a bigger shower area and still allow for keeping the vanity storage space.


The opposite of the suspend mirrors solution is the wraparound. It is a practical way to bring the illusion of space into a small bathroom along with a more usable mirror area and it is a creative wallcovering. These are normally custom-cut for any space to allow for the wall to wall look. They’re secure straightly to the drywall or some other existing wallcovering. Reflective areas provide the illusion of a brighter area and the semblance of depth. So they’re a remarkable solution for bathrooms that do not have windows. It is the ultimate method of windowless or small bathrooms.

Floor to ceiling

If you’ve reservations about mounting a mirror on the peak of a mirror’s surface, skip the layer and utilize a mirror from floor to ceiling. There’re numerous ways to create this effect, but a specific favorite is to utilize mirrored “tiles”.

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