Estimating Home Repair Costs

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There is one thing that many house owners dread and that is unanticipated big home repair. You can put off some home repairs but others must be done without delays, such as roof repair. When repairs on your house have to be made, you will need to find out how much you will be spending on home repair costs. Ensure you have sufficient funds to finish the project before you even think about the beginning.

Big home repair costs

Some home repairs are little and do not cost much. Others, including the following, are big projects that may cost you 1000s of dollars:


Roofing repairs may contain the installation of new shingles over existing ones. In some cases, old shingles will have to be changed and removed with new ones. The project will cost from $2 to $5 per square foot. If you need new flashing guess to pay $300 to $500 more.

Electrical repair

Big electrical repairs should be left to experts. A do-it-yourselfer can put in new light bulbs, light sockets and outlets. But if you need an electrical upgrade or fresh circuit you should call an electrician. Electrical home repair may cost up to $1,800.


For big plumbing repairs, you need a plumbing contractor or plumber. Repairs can involve changing a toilet, bathtub, sink, tiles, etc. You may also want to install a submersible pump, a whirlpool bath, a jet pump, or a new bathroom. Repairs costs can range from a few 100 to a few 1000 dollars.

Other big home repairs are foundation repairs, HVAC repairs, and walkway or driveway repaving.

Getting an estimate

Remodeling and repairing homes is a huge business. There are sites that can provide you a rough guess of how much a particular job would cost. It is hard to get the right figure online because jobs can change based on the size of the home, a material used, location and other factors such as building codes and job practices.

To get an idea of how much work will cost, visit your local home center. Find out how much the materials cost. Include an amount for profile and labor.

To know actually how much a specific home repair job will cost, call one or more contractors or ask for a guess. Get at least 3 estimates that you can match. The contractors should bid on materials and workmanship of a similar standard. Also ask for choices using the next better or bad materials. A quotation should be made in writing.

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