7 Bedding Essentials To Upgrade Your Sleeping Experience

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If you are looking to do some bedding upgrades, then you need to consider getting these bedding essentials from Brooklinen.

1. Light Down Comforter

Brooklinen offers different kinds of comforters depending on the level of warmth you want. All are filled with down and are housed inside an ultra-soft cover made from 100% cotton. They are also hypoallergenic and have an antimicrobial feature. Their Light Down Comforter is made for hot sleepers. It is made with recycled European down and has a 650 pill power. It offers comfort without the weight of regular comforters.

2. All-Season Down Comforter

This is the comforter you should get if you are looking for a comforter you can use all year round. It is made with Canadian duck down and has 700 pill power.

3. Ultra-Warm Down Comforter

Perfect for cold winter nights, this comforter is made with Hutterite goose down and has 750 pill power. It provides maximum warmth and is perfect for snuggling.

4. Classic Duvet Cover

With a 270 thread count, this classic duvet offers hotel-level comfort and luxury. The classic is perfect for warm nights when you don’t want to feel too bundled up. The presence of large buttons makes it easy to use.

5. Luxe Duvet Cover

If you’re looking for a duvet cover that is smoother and softer than usual then you should go for the Luxe duvet cover. With a 480-thread count, this duvet cover will make you feel luxurious.

6. Linen Duvet Cover

The Linen duvet cover may seem light but are unbelievably cozy. This is why they are perfect to use all year round. It has large buttons so you won’t have any problem using it.

7. Down Pillow

This pillow offers the right amount of support without being too firm. It is filled with the softest and fluffiest down fibers available.

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