Creating a study room with limited space

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With most couples working nowadays, there is forever some or other office work that you cannot delay the next day. So get all your paperwork complete and enjoy your preferred novel with these latest and warm decorating ideas.

Casual to formal decor

Usually, interior decoration is either too casual or too formal for comfort. But now you can have a mixture of both. So let’s begin with one side of the room. Pick one of the biggest wall areas and make a big bookshelf for it. Books, when kept in one location, offer a streamlined and organized look to the room. Following it has a little size bookshelf with glass doors. This rack will be supportive in storing your stationery as well as act as a perfect decoration element. It is remarkable if you have windows behind your seating area for fresh air and natural light. If you have a PC then it can also snugly fit on the table. Bear in mind to have some drawers for keeping your vital papers in place.

Study room lighting

Lighting is very vital in study room decorations. You need sufficient lighting for reading and at the same time, you do not want it to glare down at you. One of the remarkable ways to brighten up the area is by balancing 3 different types of lighting. For full illumination go for recessed lights. To include styles to the work surface go for job lighting mounted under the cabinets. And then finally a pendant fixture that provides just the best amount of light to your worktop.

Study room colors

Having fresh colors in your house office room or study room provides a fresh and dynamic look to the decoration. The best choices in wall colors are creams, green and sunny yellows providing a cheerful feel. Talking about colors fabrics should be easy yet with individualistic flavor. Go for neutral shades and floral prints are actually not for study room decoration. Instead go for strips, lines, and checks to give a perfect look. Instead of curtains, one can also go for blinds for an extra formal look.


The study room is generally free from furniture Do not place chairs, tables, and bookshelves but then a cozy armchair and little side tables can definitely include some contemporary decoration style to your recreation room. So make your own personal retreat and enjoy the free time for reading and relaxing from the mundane of everyday life. Make an area for a study room in your home globe.

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