Why Defrost Refrigerators and Freezers?

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A home running efficiently makes a happy and comfortable living. In this aspect, a home will run smoothly when its systems, appliances, furniture, and fixtures, for instance, are well maintained. And one of the important items in your home that should be properly cared for is your refrigerator or freezer. Refrigerators and/or freezers is our lifesaver in keeping our food preserved so we are well-stocked for weeks, even months. Thus, it’s highly important to make sure that these appliances are maintained regularly and will get repair when needed.

For maintenance of refrigerators and freezers, timely defrosting is essential. At least do defrost once a year or more frequently depending on the frost inside. If the frost is more than 1/4 inch, maybe it’s time to defrost your freezer. Timely defrosting will keep your refrigerator working efficiently.

The simplest way to defrost your ref is to eat down the contents, unplug it, open the ref, and let the ice melt. However, if you cannot eat all or most of the contents, put the items in a cooler first or anywhere cool while wrapped in a towel before unplugging and letting the ice meltdown. If this is the way you decide to go when defrosting, it could take a few hours to a day depending on how thick the ice became. If you cannot wait that long, you can facilitate the melting of the ice by putting bowls of hot water inside, for instance. Some even use an electric fan or blow dryer to make the ice melt quicker. Take note, before putting anything to make defrosting done faster, make sure that all the contents are gone and the appliance is unplugged.

Now, you have a clean and frost-free freezer that will work more efficiently thereby saving you money in the long run. Time to enjoy re-stocking your refrigerator.

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