9 Worthy Cricut Products Bring Fun To Your DIY Projects

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Looking for the perfect machines and accessories for your DIY projects? Check out these nine products from Cricut. These products will make your sewing and crafting projects fun and easy to do. They are surely worth every penny.

1.Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy is appropriately named because it is indeed a joy to use. This compact machine makes crafting fun again. This does not mean to say that this machine is not for professionals. It is very simple to use but it’s also very capable. It’s powerful enough even for seasoned crafters.

2.Cricut Maker

If you’re looking for a machine that is bigger and can do more than the Cricut Joy, then the Cricut Maker is for you. This is for the DIY aficionados who are ready to take their experience to the next level. You’ll love the intricate cuts that this machine can make.

3.Cricut Explore Air 2

The possibilities are endless with the Cricut Explore Air 2. You can make all sorts of projects with this machine from stickers to sewing patterns. It also takes more than 100 different types of materials. This machine is perfect for starting your own business.

4.Cricut Easy Press

Having the Cricut Easy Press machine is like having your own professional press machine in your own home. It can help you to make your own printed t-shirts, bags, and other products. And as a bonus, you can also use it as iron for your clothes.

5.Cricut Easy Press Mini

There are some jobs that can’t be done by a big machine. For those jobs, you’ll be thankful that the Cricut Easy Mini Press exists. This is useful for making customized hats, shoes, and even stuffed animals.

6.Cricut Mug Press

If you want to design a mug for business or personal use, the easiest way to do it is with a Cricut Mug Press. This will allow you to make your own mugs in minutes.

7.Cricut Easy Press 2

If you’re planning to do large projects like t-shirts, sweaters, or even blankets, then the Cricut Easy Press 2 is the machine you need.

8.Cricut Explore One

The Cricut Explore One is the perfect starter Cricut machine. And it’s affordable too. It’s capable of working with 100 different types of materials.

9.SportFlex Iron-On Sampler, Classics

This is made specifically for nylon and polyester activewear. The best thing about this is that it can outlast more than 50 washes.

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