8 Gorgeous Duvet Covers To Change Your Bedroom Look

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If you already have a duvet insert for your bed, you should consider purchasing a duvet cover to blend with it. Getting the best duvet cover will not only add some much-needed style to your bed but also offer protection to your comforter to prolong its lifespan.

Here are some wonderful duvet covers for your consideration.

1: Savoy Duvet Cover

If smoothness had another prestigious name, it could be Savoy. This Egyptian cotton duvet cover is ultra-smooth and absolutely gorgeous. Plus, it’s nicely made with superb quality.


Beautiful casual bed linen will not only refresh your bedroom but also make you sleep better. The 200 thread count cotton Portobello Linen Duvet Cover is oft to hug and comes with matching pillows. Also, it’s easy maintenance.

2: Portobello Linen Duvet Cover
3: Essentials Egyptian Duvet Cover

This Egyptian-cotton cover is simple to care for. You can easily blend with different pillowcases, cushions, or bedspreads to create multiple styles. It’s suitable for the guest, kids, master, or even the teenage bedrooms.

4: Milton Bedspread & Cushion Cover

There’s always something classy and romantic about having silk in the bedroom. This Mulberry silk duvet has incredible strength and is wrinkle-free. Add it to your master bedroom for that heavenly feel.

5: Avignon Duvet Cover

A decorative elegance and modern simplicity combo can lighten up any bedroom space. This piece comes with matching classic pillowcases is made of 100% cotton fabric, for a beautiful appearance. Plus it’s wonderfully smooth-crispy against your skin. Perfect for your master, teenagers, and guest bedrooms.

6: Blakely Duvet Cover

If the softness of sateen without a shine is what you’re looking for, the Blakely Duvet Cover comes in handy. It’s crafted from the 400-thread count of Egyptian cotton, making a super comfy sleeping companion. This piece’s borders feature the eye-catching chambray to match your chic washed-denim style.

7: Cavendish Duvet Cover

A five-star hotel experience is something we all look forward to especially after a long day at work. But, you can’t sleep in a hotel every day, right? Wrong! You can, with this Cavendish Duvet Cover. It’s made in Portugal with the highest quality linen. It’s beautiful, and gives a cool feel, making it perfect for summer. The quality is worth your money!

8: Sumerton Duvet Cover

If luxury loves your name, this hotel-class Sumerton Duvet Cover will make a gorgeous choice. It’s incredibly sloth, silky, and perfectly detailed to make you fall in love with your bedroom each day. This is definitely the smart style you would want to add to your bedrooms.

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