The 7 New Cricut Maker Machine Which Really Works

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If you are looking for innovative tools that can allow you to design and create do-it-yourself projects in a fun, easy, and interesting way? If yes, then you have surely

landed on the right page. Please keep reading and reveal a list of the top seven Cricut & Print Machines.

1.Cricut Joy

It’s a simple and compact tool that is ideal for various quick, everyday, fun projects. The best part of this tool is that it is compatible with more than fifty types of materials. The tool comes with two capabilities including cutting and writing.

2.Cricut Maker

This tool is more advanced, and it’s ideal for pro-level performance. This tool is versatile and helps you to work with more than three hundred materials. It supports more than twelve operations including cutting, writing, engraving, scoring, debossing, & more.

3.Cricut Explore

This tool is implemented to help you support a wide range of DIY

hobbies. The tool supports more than a hundred materials. It even supports five different capabilities/operations — cutting, writing, scoring, and more.

4.Cricut EasyPress

This tool is apt for your DIY heat-transfer projects. It supports consistent, quick, and professional heat transfers for your projects.

5.Cricut Explore Complete Bundle

This bundle provides you a complete material galore which includes blades, mats, tools, and much more too. It offers you time-saving performance, and it lets you work with 100+ materials, starting from cardstock and vinyl to all other specialty materials.

6.Machine Tools

You can easily purchase a range of machine tools which includes a fine point pen set, ink markers, glitter gel pen set, standard grip machine mat, and much more too.

7.Quickswap Tools

Quick swap Tools come with various options that include engraving tip, wavy blade, perforation blade, and debossing tip. Each of these tools is compatible with Cricut Maker.

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